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Cybersecurity and Compliance Management

Cyber Risk Advisory

Various routes for data exfiltration exist and many techniques have been developed to block these attacks and yet organizations still suffer. We work with you to implement robust strategies on how risk should be mitigated and embark on monitoring techniques for you.

Security Assessment & Audit

Security assessment & audit plays an essential role in security accreditation. It is important that companies have the most complete, accurate, and trustworthy information possible on the security status of their information systems in order to make timely, credible, risk-based decisions on whether to authorize operation of those systems. We work with you providing the best service to keep your ATO.

Security Awareness & Training

Employees and/or users should be trained and aware of what dangers are involved when on a company network. Education should be an ongoing basis to keep the correct mindset whenever faced with a thread. Security training and certification preparedness are part of our plan of action.

Governance, Risk & Compliance 

Staying compliant while managing your risk can be tough, we ensure you stay compliant with your policies on a routine basis. Ensure that organizational goals align with your objectives while being supported by your information security program.

Risk Management

We analyze, identify, mitigate and monitor your environment with expertise to ensure that appropriate security controls are applied to each information system and that the controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended, and producing the desired outcome with respect to meeting the system security requirements.

Cloud Computing 


Protecting your cloud space entails working with passion driven professionals with robust skillset working together to protect your information system, data and infrastucture. We support FedRAMP.

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